How to ensure your content is the best it can be

Writing online content is sometimes tricky, but it need not be.  Here are some tips to help you write good content which will do your website some real good.

  1. make sure you check spelling and grammar – it is surprising the number of posts which are riddled with mistakes!
  2. check that you aren’t duplicating content – either already on your site or from another site.  Search engines will not like duplicate content, and it can result in you losing ranking.
  3. make it easy to read – online readers prefer smaller chunks of text, and text which is broken up into smaller paragraphs.  You could add in some images, or use bullet points and headings to make it all easier to read.
  4. proof read everything before you hit post.  This way you can check that everything is written nicely, any internal links you have a working properly and that your comment form is available.  You want people to enjoy reading your post and comment on it.

If you follow the above guide, you should be writing top quality content in no time!  Enjoy!