Should You DIY Your Website

There are lots of ‘do it yourself’ web design programs and software available online these days, making it really simple to quickly build your own site from scratch.  Lots of people and businesses are choosing these online web builders to create their websites in a cheap and quick way, but are they missing a few key points in their haste to save a few pounds?

Web builders seem like a cheap option, with many professional web designers charging thousands for a custom built site.  Although web builders seem cheap at the outset, they often end up costing as much as a custom site – there are usually monthly fees which go on throughout the lifetime of the site.  As soon as you stop paying, your site goes down.  Web designers never own your website – you buy the domain and they simply build it for a one off fee.

Unique looking sites are what people envisage when they go about building a site, however with web builders, people rarely end up with a totally unique site – these programs rely on users choosing from a bank of templates which they can edit (sometimes in a very limited way).  A web designer will create completely unique sites with custom content and software.