Using Email Advertising Effectively

Email advertising is a great way to reach new clients and customers, particularly when the adverts appeal and grab the attention of your readers!  Here are some ideas to create great email advertising campaigns.

The first thing to do is to  invest in your email marketing software.  There are a whole host of programs to choose from to help you launch your email campaign.  There are various free programs, as well as paid ones which can be priced according to number of emails sent, or the number of subscribers.

The next task is to make a shortlist of the products you want to promote.  Try not to choose more than 10 items, as more than this can be overwhelming to your readers.

The final thing to do is choose your email service provider.  There are specialised companies which deal with marketing through email, such as Mail Chimp or Vertical Response – rather than through your domestic email service providers such as yahoo or hotmail.