Getting the Most from a Business Social Media Account

Social media is big business, and more companies than ever are seeing the benefits from having an active social media account.  It is a great way to interact and connect with fans and followers, and with the right attitude, you can have a highly successful social media account for your company.

Give them what they want

Try to find out exactly what your target audience want to see from their social media accounts, either through a survey or other questionnaire to gauge their lines of thought.  Once you know what sort of things they like to see, you can structure your updates and promotional materials around this.

Consistency is key

Update your account regularly with entertaining, informative and relevant posts which your audience can interact with.  The more often you share things, the more often you will catch their eye.  It might seem like hard work, but search around for blogs you can share, as this builds credibility with your readers, and makes you more of an authority on your field.