Pay-per click (PPC), also known as cost-per press, is definitely an internet marketing design used-to immediate traffic to websites, by which an advertiser gives a (usually an internet site operator or perhaps a community of websites) once the advertisement is visited.

Pay-per-press is often related to searchengines. On keywords highly relevant to their target audience, marketers usually bet with searchengines. In comparison, a fixed-price per-click generally charges in the place of make use of a bidding program. PPC “show” commercials, also called “banner” ads, are revealed with associated information which have decided to present ads on the web sites and therefore are usually not spend-per-click advertising.

Nevertheless, PPC advertisements can be offered by sites. Sites that use PPC advertisements may show an ad whenever a content website shows related information, or whenever a keyword question fits an advertiseris keyword listing. Such commercials are named paid advertisements or paid links, and seem beneath, or next to, above natural benefits on internet search engine search engine pages, or everywhere a creator decides on the information website.

The PPC marketing design is available to misuse through click-fraud, though Google yet others have applied automatic methods to protect against violent ticks by damaged web-developers or rivals.